Working Applinked Codes 2021 | Every Apps Available

Since Filelinked has been shutdown, all the Filelinked codes automatically stopped working. Thousands of App store has been throwing error and we are left with nothing. Well, there’s a new app in the market and it’s called Applinked.

In this post I am going to provide the best working Applinked codes that has all the movie and TV shows apps. Please note that this list updated daily and some of the codes might stop working

1. 6464

This store has almost every movie app that too ad-free. If you are searching for Ad-free movie APK then 6464 is your friend. Just type the code in the Applinked app and start downloading your favorite app.

2. 5555

This store is made by the youtuber letscrackon and it has almost every movie app. The best part of this store is that you will get the latest version APK file

3. 8888

If you are searching for official app on channels such as BBC, Showmax, CNN etc then this store has it all. Currently the store has 28 official channels app and the list is growing.

4. 1234

A lots of movie and live TV apps available on this store. The store also has modded version of few apps. Apart from movie or Live TV channel apps, this store also contain many other apps such as Hulu, Roku, Spotify, Crunchy roll etc

5. 3333

This store has Arabic Live TV channel apps such as Yassine TV, Mushahid TV, Ostara TV etc. It also has other movie apps


  1. Loaded APPLink without a problem …. used code 6464 … but when I tried to download all I would get was a error message….I tried several apks…Tuk…Film Plus … all got rejected…thanks for your help … I am using a SuperBox….GM

  2. Am using an Android box, since approx 15 days now APPLINKED app cannot be installed on any android box , earlier i had it on my box , it just disappeared, and i tried downloading from various sites, is APPLINKED DOWN ?

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